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Kingdom of Iceland demands a formal apology from Republic of Denmark for crimes commited during the separation war of 1917. King Frederik II of Iceland* also announced a new treaty with Norway. Norway, together with Sweden, has broken all ties […]


The government of West Germany has decided to change the name of West Germany to Germany. Former East Germany is already formally part of the union of Poland-Lithuania.     Backstory: wait, wut?! The strangest things could’ve  happened when something […]


In 2003 had ik er al eens een blogpost over gemaakt: de Pioneer 10. Gelanceerd op 2 maart 1972, ik was iets van anderhalf jaar oud, die missie zou tot 23 januari 2003 duren. Wat niet veel mensen weten is […]


29th colony mission to Mars, 15 new colonists travel to New Eden. Also: colonists on Mars welcome 19th Mars born baby. Population after current mission: 452, from which 155 are scientists. Terraforming is ahead of schedule.   Backstory: none. Just […]


Duitsland Snelweg A5 bij US Airbase, tegenwoordig Vliegveld Frankfurt (Streetview ging niet verder,  kon nog net de borden inzoomen) 1980 – 2008