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Maar weer eens een post. Ditmaal over de Arduino. Heb het apparaatje lang links laten liggen, om de doodeenvoudige reden dat ik meer geinteresseerd was in de reguliere microprocessoren. Ik deed mijn programmeerwerk “gewoon” in assembly en dan rechtstreeks naar […]


Kingdom of Iceland demands a formal apology from Republic of Denmark for crimes commited during the separation war of 1917. King Frederik II of Iceland* also announced a new treaty with Norway. Norway, together with Sweden, has broken all ties […]


The government of West Germany has decided to change the name of West Germany to Germany. Former East Germany is already formally part of the union of Poland-Lithuania.     Backstory: wait, wut?! The strangest things could’veĀ  happened when something […]


29th colony mission to Mars, 15 new colonists travel to New Eden. Also: colonists on Mars welcome 19th Mars born baby. Population after current mission: 452, from which 155 are scientists. Terraforming is ahead of schedule.   Backstory: none. Just […]